‘Rip It Off’ is about releasing the mask we all create for ourselves to show the world. To normalise what goes on inside our mind and what it means to be human.

'Saving Grace' carries a message of hope and inspiration, finding the light in the darkest of times, knowing that you can be your own saving grace.

'Energy' seeks to reveal the personal saboteur that lives within all of us and allows us to let go of the fear and negativity in moving forward.

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Rip It Off


Saving Grace



'Rip It Off' shows how talented Lucy Warr truly is. A songwriter that oozes with personality and character. Known for her distinctive voice, 'Rip it Off' feels familiar yet refreshing. The single lives up to expectations while looking back on past releases with a huge smile. The track is fuelled with suspense, wide dynamics and pulsating instrumentation


An ever-changing, unpredictable musical emancipation. Lucy Warr is a pop-heavy roller coaster of emotions. The track launches into a stunning and powerfully delivered vocal performance in its chorus, proving her unquestionable talent as a vocalist. Anyone who sings along will feel truly liberated and empowered.


Lucy Warr's vocal performance is filled with charm and character. She is a wonderful vocalist whose performance feels as though she is speaking directly to the audience. One thing is for sure, Lucy Warr is an artist to watch. Her style is bold and attention demanding and she is destined for big things.

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