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A 360° mentorship programme creating and releasing radio-ready music

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Hey you!

I'm so glad you're here!

I’m Lucy Warr, a singer, songwriter, and mentor. 

I help artists like you navigate this sometimes overwhelming music industry and create the music you were born to make. 


I believe it’s crucial to ground in the fundamentals of self care, empowerment and mindfulness while bringing connection through creativity, making sure your values are shining through your music. 


My mission is to guide you through the release process, bringing you practical tools so that you not only know how to create incredible music that actually gets heard, but that when you have the days that you don’t feel good enough or feel like giving up… You know you have the strength and resilience to get back up, and keep going. Because you know you’ve got this, and you know you’ve got what it take.


If this resonates with you, I’d love to connect and find out more about you and your music…



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Here we start with the foundations, creating a strong starting point focusing on mindset, self empowerment and positivity, setting you up with the tools for life. We work through limiting beliefs, goal setting and time optimisation. Tailoring the process to your specific needs.

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Working alongside a professional music producer, we create your release-ready track. Making sure your lyrics are connected through storytelling and structure so that you have a song you're proud of - both technically and lyrically. You will not only have songwriting sessions with myself, but pre-production and home-studio optimisation sessions.

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In preparation for your release, we work through a 6-week 'step by step' cycle together to cover all the basis in your independent marketing plan and 'rinse and repeat' release strategy. This includes support on distribution, content, press-release and database curation.


Songwriting: £222

Have your song written by myself. We'll have a 60 minute, 1:1 call to go through the message, meaning and inspirations of the song with any reference tracks to inform the creation. I will then go away and write the track (typically within a week) before sending a recorded demo in WAV file for you to refer back to (both A Capella and to track if applicable).


Top-Lining: (dependent on project)

If you are specifically looking for myself to top-line your track and recorded at professional standard, please get in touch via email below, we will jump on a call and discuss your budget, the project and investment in more detail.

These will both be done via Zoom and payments must be cleared beforehand via PayPal or invoice  (upon request).


Click HERE to email regarding both songwriting and top-lining.

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1:1 'Power hour': £111

We'll spend an hour going through ​any challenges, questions or frustrations you're facing whether it be mindset, music or marketing related. For example if you have already written a song and need help refining the lyrics or streamlining and structuring your track, we can work through this together, or if you have a song ready to go but have no idea what to do in terms of release strategy, we'll cover that! This is completely tailored to your needs so there will be a few questions that need answering prior to allow myself to best prepare for the session. We want to make the most of our 60-minutes together so going in with laser focus is key.

These sessions can be booked as and when needed (as well as being booked in blocks if preferred) and will be done via Zoom.


Payment must be cleared beforehand and can be sent via PayPal or invoice (upon request).  

Click HERE​ to email for the booking schedule and PayPal link or for any questions regarding the above.




The songwriting sessions have been great. We had meetings every week where I was able to explain the concepts behind my songs. Thanks to the team, my songs now reflect perfectly what I was feeling and what I wanted to express. It has been really helpful!!

I want to thank you for your amazing help and support.

You inspired me to write and showed me the way with my very first single making the creative process fun, inspiring and incredible. You brought me hand in hand in a new world and with your kindness and talent allowed me to discover new parts of me. Thank you for being so special.

You have such a sophisticated songwriting style that's effortlessly relatable and catchy. What's so amazing is how you really get in touch with the person you write for to create something that is authentic to them, while creating a song that is addictive. I will NEVER go to another songwriter again



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